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As a broad-minded and fast growing online marketing company, we are able to reach a steady and open pool of participants and awake interests of different users, who you can win as a potential customer for your company with our portfolio of highly-frequented portals and content sites. Our success is measured by high visitor numbers, long dwelling times and outstanding interactions in each part of our websites.

The focus of our work are quantitative methods of empirical market research as well as trend research and market valuation for various well known product providers and companies.

Trough our modern and fitted campaign design, effective ideas and a constantly redevelopment and self-improvement of existing processes, we succeed in meeting your needs and accomplish ambitions. Therefore we draw on valid methods and connect distinct approved marketing operations. Along with it, we provide representative results in real time and guarantee you to create, together with us, a win-win situation for you and your customers at anytime.

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trend and opinion research

With trend and opinion research we created a division, which allows you to imagine your future customers and it produces results, which you can take as a basis to adjust your acting and marketing. We bring the specific skills for your tailor-made evaluation.

Therefore we resort to a massive repertoire of representative methods, because personal, telephone and written surveys as well as online polls belong to our foundation of analysis. Depending on set aims, we perform cross-sectional and long-term studies carefully to deliver you valid and reliable results.

Our professional expertise lays particularly in interviews and surveys for politics (election coverage, parties), work, family and other social themes.

market research

We study and open your business environment, your target group and your market with systematic and scientific methods like surveys, in-depth interviews, reconstructive observations and experiments. The qualitative interpretation takes place based on single surveys and analyses or with the aid of written notes from individual explorations.

By reference to detailed interpretations and results, you can analyse your consumer as well as the interests and the buying behaviour of your customers.

Our know how of market research is especially located in the range of consumer goods, media (print, TV, radio and internet) as well as tourism and leisure.

product tests

A large area within our business are product tests. We find your new target groups and help you to fit your offer and product exactly to your costumers. While banking on targeted and immediate communication, we create the opportunity to access your clients “feelings” about your product or brand. This enables you to entrench adapted products and increases sales figures.

Our already existing partners and companies realized contentedly, that product samples and product tests create, besides the opportunities of product optimization, new potential consumers and raise an improvident target group.

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